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Here at the Winking Owl Creative Emporium we would like to give all of those small crafting, painting and upcycling furniture businesses a chance to have a city centre pitch. 

Make it personal

How it works

Here at the winking Owl Creative Emporium we will do our best to promote and sell your items. You will be able to put your Items in the shop and the cost of 20% of the selling price. This will include going onto the website. 

As this is just at the fledgling stage we are offering,  1/4  page Advert in the Stockists page and a place on the advert page sent to subscribers every month, for free for 6 months. If this is successful the charge will be then £10 per month.

Because many of these products are bespoke and handmade it is very easy to make the product personal by adding a name or image. You also have the opportunity to change a product to make it unique to you by ordering from the crafter themselves.


If you are a crafter of interiors we have accessories available to create and enhance your project.

Commission Pieces

If there is a crafter/ upcycler that particularly grabs your interest but the pieces of furniture aren't what you require why not ask for a commission piece. All details are under Stockists.